Friday, 3 March 2006

Bird news

Friday 3rd
  • A female sparrowhawk 'switchback' displaying in the sunshine from our window Friday morning(Ellen Collier and Mark Ward)

Thursday 2nd

  • I saw two Tawny Owls flying around and sitting in the trees around the gatehouse at around 7.30pm (Lars Lachmann)
  • Web Team window highlights, Thursday: 2 male siskins at the feeders and buzzard. Lunchtime down by the heath: viewing of finch flock much trickier today as the birds were feeding at the back of the field and spending long periods hidden in the weedy field. One male mealy redpoll and c3 lesser redpolls showed well enough to be identified, but there were several other brief/poorly seen redpolls that could have been either! Also a female brambling with the flock today and c40 fieldfares, a song thrush and 3 mistle thrushes in a mixed flock there (Mark Ward)
  • Sparrowhawk in undulating display-flight over the quarry Thursday at 10:30. (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Wednesday 1st

  • Now 2 male siskins visiting the feeder outside my window. c8 mealy redpolls in the finch flock frequenting the trees at the bottom of the heath and feeding in the weedy field at lunchtime. Also a female siskin with the flock and a buzzard over.(Mark Ward)

Tuesday 28th Feb

  • Male, female and immature siskins at Gatehouse feeder. Green woodpecker, fieldfares and redwings foraging on open field south of The Heath(Chris Magin / Alex Hipkiss)
  • c30 lapwings south-east from our window Tuesday am (Mark Ward and Ellen Collier). The male siskin again visiting the feeder outside my window Monday morning - and holding his own very nicely against the other birds! Also a tatty buzzard (with badly damaged couple of primaries and secondaries) in its right wing low west over the garden and away over Avocet at 1.15. Up to 34 redwings in the Yew Tree car park/memorial garden area. Two more (different) buzzards in partial display from my window early-mid pm and a few lesser black-backs on the move today.(Mark Ward)
  • Quiet from my window last week, with only the regular nuthatches, the female great spotted woodpecker and the male siskin visiting the feeder to provide distractions.(Mark Ward)

Wednesday 22nd

  • A flock of c.50 skylarks near the weighbridge, Sandy Heath Quarry(Neil Renwick)

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