Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Bird news

Wednesday 5th
  • Swallow flew north over the quarry car park, 2.30 pm (Katie Fuller, Mark Ward)
  • Weds lunchtime, in gardens: 4, probably 5, Commas, 1 Red Admiral, male Brimstone, 4 Bee-flies and a mass hatch of Fever Flies (Dilophus) (IKD, DFD)
  • 2 Brimstones and a Comma on reserve and along Stratford Road, lunchtime (Lynn Giddings)
  • 2 willow warblers singing, old railway line. Brimstone nr Jack's Pond (Duncan McNiven)
  • Lunchtime: Long-tailed tit nest nearing completion near the steps down to the heath- being finished off with moss and feathers; Chiffchaff, 1 singing at the top of the steps; Willow warbler, 1 singing near track to Biggleswade Common; Sand martin, 1 flew east over the paddocks; Comma at the bottom of the steps; Red admiral on Biggleswade Common (Katie Fuller, Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Along Biggleswade Common at lunch Weds: singing Blackcap, 2 singing Willow Warblers, 1+ Swallows, Sand Martin and Peacock Butterfly (Jamie Wells, Kat Balaam.)
  • Pair of swallows displaying amorous intentions over the meadow in front of the house Weds lunchtime.
  • From my window, the first goldfinch I've ever seen on the Web Team feeder and several appearances by buzzards today (another from the heath too) (Mark Ward)
  • Late morning, six Buzzards and two Sparrowhawks overhead- not one wingbeat between them and framed by a perfect azure sky. Blackcap in sub-song in SW corner of garden (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Buzzard over reserve Weds morning being mobbed by a single crow eventually sending it off towards Biggleswade Common 08:50 (John Kenyon)
  • Blackcap singing in Sandy heath Quarry this morning (Wednesday). Meadow pipits on Sandy Heath (not RSPB land) (Neil Renwick)
Tuesday 4th
  • 2 buzzards, 3 sparrowhawks and 6 siskins from the hide at lunchtime (including male and female of the latter coming to drink and bathe). Also collared dove calling at the front of the house and a cormorant high north-east. (Mark Ward and Katie Fuller)
  • A mini hirundine passage Tuesday lunchtime, viewed from the quarry car park - first a Swallow heading north @ 13:35, then c.20 Sand Martins north a few minutes later and then a single House Martin and Sand Martin feeding together over the quarry @ c.13:45. Also a distant Buzzard and 3 Siskins over (Jamie Wells)
  • 1245-1330hrs: Chiffchaff singing in House Garden; Raven- two birds again over The Quarry; ....and at last, the first Swallow high to the west (Darren Oakley-Martin & Alan Knight)
  • 1030hrs: Pair of Sparrowhawks over the Quarry. 1815 3 little egrets at E end of brook along the N side of Biggleswade Common (Ian Dickie)
Monday 3rd
  • Comma at Pieris in gardens, Monday lunchtime. (IKD, DFD). Again Tuesday
  • Pair of ravens from my window c16.15 to c16.20 Monday indulging in some nice pair-bonding acrobatics before they drifted off to the south-west. Also up to 6 buzzards and 2 swallows north early am. Male siskin at the gatehouse feeders when I drove in Monday am (Mark Ward)
  • Osprey was seen drifting NW over Osprey Building carpark(!) 1045hrs. Given RIB's sighting at 1009hrs, it may have been circling for some time (Darren Oakley-Martin)
Saturday 1st
  • Pair of mandarin ducks still at The Lodge, on Jack's Pond on Saturday afternoon (Neil Renwick)
Friday 31st
  • Fri 31 March, 5.30 pm - one of our pioneer pair of collared doves shot across courtyard and over Shoot Room with sparrowhawk hot on its tail. Didn't see the outcome. (Conor Jameson)
  • Sand martin flew westwards over Quarry car park at 3.15 pm, Friday. Red admiral near the memorial garden, Friday lunchtime. Buzzard over the quarry again Friday morning. (Katie Fuller)
Thursday 30th
  • 10 siskins and a chiffchaff in the birches above Jack's pond at lunch time Thursday. (Dave Agombar)
  • Undoubted highlight of our BBS Thursday morning was a party of five Crossbills; one confirmed male, two very pale, possibly juvenile birds. (Darren Oakley-Martin, Katie Fuller, Richard James)
Wednesday 29th
  • Pair of Mandarins on the pond evening of 29th (Mike Clarke)
  • Peregrine drifted SW over quarry car park at 3.57 pm (Katie Fuller).
  • Male brambling at the Gatehouse feeders on Wednesday morning 29th (Neil Renwick)
  • Was going to report a 'parakeet-type thing' seen at 18.15 in the Avocet car park, but now realise it's a cockatiel and has probably been observed by half of all Lodge-based staff. At the same time though I also saw a starling in the pine trees on the edge of the car park - I think it's the first time I've seen a starling here in 7BD years... is this unusual? Forgive my ignorance, but I work in marketing - it's almost in my contract to know nothing about birds ;-) (Stephen Noble)
Tuesday 28th
  • One male lesser redpoll (ringed on the left leg) and a paler female redpoll with pale mantle stripes at the hide pond, Wednesday lunchtime (Katie Fuller, Lucinda King, Ellen Collier)

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