Thursday, 13 April 2006

Bird news

Thursday 13th
  • 1 goldfinch in front of the hide hopping around next to the pond and 2 nuthatches - 1 on the feeder and 1 collecting leaves and moss from next to the pond - 1.45pm (Ann Favell)
  • As well as the (female) firecrest this lunchtime in low cover and the yew just beyond gate at SE corner of the garden, also c20 noisy siskins still around in the area (Katie Fuller, Mark Ward)
  • 1030hrs. Pair of Sparrowhawks displaying in spectacular fashion in the wind over the Quarry were briefly joined by a third bird from the north- turf wars! (Darren Oakley-Martin)
Wednesday 12th
  • Four crossbills over the stable block @1423 (Chris Harbard)
  • 1030hrs. Crossbill over Osprey carpark calling and a mixed flock of some 40 Siskins and Redpolls later. 1530hrs. Four Buzzards over Ivel Valley and four Swallows through north (Darren Oakley-Martin & Richard James)
  • 6 lesser redpolls found during BBS, feeding in birch tops, in the wood west of the Lodge (David Agombar)
Tuesday 11th
  • 0710-0810hrs. Highlights of our Lodge BBS were a flock of 46 Siskins (the most either of us have ever seen around the reserve), three Lesser Redpolls, a singing Blackcap near The Gatehouse and a pair of Buzzards in the Bunkers Hill area. A single Swallow flew purposefully west as we arrived back at the Avocet carpark (Darren Oakley-Martin & Richard James)
  • Highlights of our breeding bird survey Tuesday morning near Deepdale/fuel depot: Kingfisher, 2 flying east together, presumably to Deepdale for some goldfish! Wheatear, 1 male near the entrance track to the quarry (Katie Fuller, Kate Hayes, Sarah Kelly)
Monday 10th
  • Single sand martin and male siskin from my window Monday. Another three siskins over near the hide and a nuthatch watched gathering nesting material from the ground by the pond in front of the hide (Mark Ward)

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