Friday, 30 June 2006

Bird news

Thursday 22 June:
  • Hornet at Plantation Pond late morning. (Neil Renwick)
  • Raven north west over quarry at 1:00. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • One crossbill calling in flight, south over the heath, then 15 minutes later another calling in flight, south over the hide late afternoon. (Neil Renwick)
Friday 23 June:
  • Four hummingbird hawk moths on the red valerian between the canteen entrance and Wildlife Enquiries. Male broad-bodied chaser by the pond in front of the hide. Male banded demoiselle by the canteen pond. Now c30 red-eyed damselflies on the swimming pool pond. Where are those small ones.....? A male great spotted woodpecker showing a juvenile how to cling to a tree in front of the hide. (Mark Ward and Lucinda King)
Monday 26 June:
  • Excellent views of a stoat at 13:45 on Monday as it scurried about the staff car park by the Gatehouse. (Kate Balaam, Jamie Wells)
  • Pair of oystercatchers again on Warren Villas, viewable from the Plateau. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
Tuesday 27 June:
  • From the Web Team window, 11 am. Male banded demoiselle resting on the hedge. Large emerald moth on the windowsill. (Mark Ward, Katie Fuller, Ellen Collier et al)
  • 3 buzzards seen from the office window (Finance), circling fairly high above the stable block at 11:15 (Jamie Wells)
  • A hummingbird hawk moth outside the canteen again today and a good emergence of meadow browns. (Mark Ward)
Thursday 29 June:
  • Single hummingbird hawk moth at the canteen red valerian Wednesday and Thursday. (Mark Ward)
  • A reasonable variety and number of moths lurking on the walls around the Web Team windows/Avocet building this week, including the large emerald still on Wednesday and a bordered white on Thursday. (Mark Ward)
  • Spotted flycatcher in the shop car park Thursday morning (Mark Ward)
Friday 30 June:
  • Two lapwings west over Osprey Carpark at 11:00. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Hummingbird hawk moth again at the canteen red valerian Friday and moths around our (Web Team) windows included blood-vein, clay triple-lines and marbled brown. (Mark Ward)
  • Hobby high over Avocet Carpark at 12:45. (Darren Oakley-Martin)

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