Friday, 9 June 2006

Bird news

Friday 9th
  • Lunchtime: female Emperor ovipositing in vegetation in swimming pool; also 2 males. First Southern Hawker exuvia on bogbean pool by wrought-iron gate (IKD, DFD)
Thursday 8th
  • A buzzard low over the canteen at lunchtime Thursday with a kestrel in attendance. Also a different buzzard from my window Wednesday. Hobby from my window Thursday afternoon and earlier, a calling spotted flycatcher outside was a window first for me (and species 55 for the year from it!). Seeing and hearing several spotted flycatchers at various locations around the reserve this week as well (Mark Ward)
Wednesday 7th
  • Lunchtime: Nightingale, 1 singing along the path to Biggleswade Common, near the corrugated iron; Garden warbler, 2 in song in the same area; At least 2 juvenile blue tits (near fledging?) peeking out of a nestbox in the garden near Avocet, with the adults still bringing food and removing droppings. Only one Emperor chasing four-spots on the swimming pool today (Chikako Woodgate and Katie Fuller)
  • A male Banded Demoiselle over the swimming pool (IKD, DFD)
  • A great tit nesting in our open front shed at the gatehouse is very busy coming into the garage and greenhouse and feeding around the cobwebs. It has no fear when we are around (Val Tingey)
Tuesday 6th
  • Lunchtime: a male Emperor hawking over swimming pool, plus a minimum of 33 exuviae, mostly on the northern (south-facing) surround. Also a Small Copper in borders (IKD, DFD)
  • On the swimming pool at lunchtime Tuesday: Emperor, 2 - one at each end of the pool, busy patrolling their respective territories; Four-spotted chaser, c10; Red-eyed damselfly, several pairs in tandem and egg-laying on the lilypads; Also several pairs of large red and common blue damselflies in the Memorial Garden and the narrow ponds near the house (Katie Fuller)
Monday 5th
  • The Web/Intranet Team weekly Monday morning catch-up meeting was brought to an abrupt halt by the arrival of a five-inch grass snake under our chairs. It rapidly departed for Editorial, where after a search, snake fan Jo Hill captured it and liberated it in the garden (Creative Services all staff (well, nearly...)
(Katie Fuller)

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