Thursday, 15 June 2006

Bird news

A good influx of migrant lepidoptera with Hummingbird Hawk-moths, Silver Ys and Painted Ladies much in evidence this week, while a good variety of dragons and damsels have been performing well at the various waterbodies in and around the Lodge gardens - but very few moths on the walls or butterflies on the wing.

Thursday 15th
  • Hummingbird hawk-moth on valerian by wrought-iron gate, Thursday lunchtime (Nigel Willits)
  • Lunchtime - at least 13 Southern Hawkers in various states of emergence from Jack’s Pond, plus several empty cases (Len Campbell, IKD, DFD). Also our first 2 Meadow Browns above Jack’s Pond (IKD, DFD)
Wednesday 14th
  • There were 4 hummingbird hawkmoths just outside the canteen Wednesday afternoon (c. 16:45) (Phil Burfield, Ian Dickie and Barrie Cooper)
Tuesday 13th
  • Hummingbird hawk-moth, at least one on the valerian outside the canteen at 2.55 pm (one-to-ones are much more fun at this time of year!) (Katie Fuller, Cliff Beale)
  • Emperor dragonfly, one female ovipositing on the swimming pool (there were two on 12th) (Katie Fuller)
  • Lunchtime: 2 Hummingbird Hawk-moths together and a Painted Lady on Red Valerian by Wildlife Enquiries, plus another Painted Lady on Buddleia (different to Monday’s), and a female Banded Demoiselle in gardens (IKD, DFD)
Monday 12th
  • Painted Lady on Buddleia at end of stable block, Monday lunchtime (IKD, DFD)
Sunday 11th
  • Lime Hawkmoth found on the path by the cattlegrid near the Gatehouse, Hobby over the drive in the afternoon (Neil Renwick)

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