Friday, 7 July 2006

Bird news

Thursday 6th July
  • 1100hrs. Tawny owl calling from wooded area south of Avocet building. Approximately 40 swifts feeding low over the Ivel Valley. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Grey Wagtail over the house just before 9am (Steve Blain)
Wednesday 5th July
  • 8.40 am: 1 smallish moorhen chick wandering about on the lilypads on the western end of the swimming pool before disappearing into the floating vegetation; 1 adult moorhen walking around the lawn; 1 stoat sneaking under the rhododendrons nearby (Katie Fuller)
Tuesday 4th July
  • lunchtime - baby grass snake (20 cm long) swimming in the swimming pool - it squeezed through one of the nets and disappeared into one of the planters in the central section. Also a moorhen and two chicks hiding in the vegetation at the E end of the pool. (Simon Marsh and Carl Simms)
  • lunchtime: stoat foraging under the trees between the drive and the hide, took a couple of goes to clamber over the wire net fencing and way across the drive (Olly Watts)
Monday 3rd July
  • Lizard in Personnel corridor in pm! (Chris Martin)
  • Spotted Flycatcher outside Finance dept, 9:30. (Jamie Wells)
late June
  • A tawny owl (we think) has overnight (Thursday/Friday 22nd/23rd June) left a rather artistic impression on one of the windows in Funding Development, Marketing. (Conor Jameson)

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