Friday, 25 August 2006

Bird news

Friday, 25th August
  • 11 red admirals at various places around the house today - a welcome sight after days of overcast conditions and little sign of butterflies. Also a peacock and a painted lady in the memorial garden and a comma. Male red-eyed and blue-tailed damsels still on the swimming pool. (Mark Ward)
Thursday, 24th August
  • Hornet feeding on insects on the trumpet vine outside my office. Appeared to be eating ants?? (Anne Harley)
  • 2 hummingbird hawk moths around the house at lunchtime today and single male red-eyed, blue-tailed and common blue damselflies on the swimming pool. (Mark Ward)
  • Young Grass Snake in gardens near pool by wrought-iron gate (Lynn Giddings)
Wednesday, 23rd August
  • 3 swifts flew south, viewed from my window in afternoon and another lingering. (Mark Ward)
  • One of the biggest single tit flocks I have ever seen moved north to south through the Avocet car park this afternoon - viewed from my window. 172 birds in total, included half a dozen long-tailed tits, with a roughly even split between blue tit and coal tits, followed percentage-wise by great tit and goldcrest. (Mark Ward)
  • Yellow Wagtail migrating south over the lawn late morning (Mark Ward)
Tuesday, 22nd August
  • A kettle of 5 buzzards assembled over the canteen/osprey building early afternoon today during a Web Team meeting outside. They all appeared to be juveniles. The most buzzard activity I have seen here for several weeks. (Mark Ward)
  • A young grass snake making its way across the lawn just outside the east entrance to the Avocet building at lunchtime today. One was spotted by one of the cleaners inside the Avocet building yesterday evening, so presumably the same individual having made a successful break for freedom! (Mark Ward & Lucinda King)
  • Hummingbird hawk-moths in the memorial garden and outside the west entrance to Avocet and a buzzard high west from my window this morning. (Mark Ward)
  • A Hummingbird Hawk-moth on valerian in the Memorial Garden at lunchtime. Fiona Hunter reidentified what I originally thought were Parent Bugs as Sloe Bugs. Pics here: (Katie Fuller)
Friday, 18th August
  • 2 lesser whitethroats seen in morning in Sandy Heath Quarry (Michael Lawrence, volunteer)
  • Adult hobby disturbed from the plateau, a small southerly movement of lesser black-backed gulls in am and a single swift from my window mid pm. (Mark Ward)
Thursday 17th August
  • Oak bush cricket sheltering under the window shades of an upstairs window in Osprey building (Keith Blomerley)
  • Hummingbird hawk moth at buddleia at back of house and 3 swifts from my window (Mark Ward).
Wednesday 16th August
  • Two brown argus on Gatehouse lavender. (Duncan McNiven)

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