Sunday, 6 August 2006

In the olden days...

Where this sign once said 'The Lake', it now says 'The Hide'. Sigh.

I am a Lodge newcomer: I only set foot on the reserve last May. So, I am pretty ignorant of how it used to be in the olden days, when wild boar and wolves roamed the slopes of the Greensand Ridge.

Well, maybe not quite that far back.

However, I've been reading up on some old reserve annual reports, and it's been a revelation.
  • There used to be a pool where the pond in front of the hide is now, called The Lake!
  • Little grebes and reed buntings used to breed there! It attracted passage waders, including greenshank and common sandpiper!
These days, to get your wader fix at The Lodge, you have to go to little hill on the plateau and squint through the oak leaves at Warren Villas NR from about 1 km away (zoom eyepiece essential).

This is something that Darren is very fond of, as it's one of the easier ways to get a Lodge tick. If you want barnacle goose on your list, he's your man...

I have to say that, for me, at this time of year, Lodge insects are more interesting than the birds.

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