Friday, 4 August 2006

Very gripped.......

Very gripped by Mr Blain's y-l gull at work today but I was looking for something far more interesting- a firecrest I had heard calling on The Plateau.

What was quite worrying was getting a rather garbled call from Steve mid-afternoon about a heron that had just flown over his office building.

Steve: ''Heron, just gone over, it must be in the swimming pool!''
Me: ''Eh, you what? What colour heron? Who is this? Are you some kind of stalker?''
Steve: ''It's Steve! No! grey heron just gone over. Window tick!''
Me: ''Oh......cheers Steve, you tw*t.''

The conversation didn't really proceed like that and I don't really think that Steve's a tw*t, but best be safe than sorry with this listing game........

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