Friday, 29 September 2006

Bird news

Friday, 29th September
  • 31 passage house martins south outside my window mid pm. Buzzard from my window, mobbed by crows this am. A late, but fresh, hummingbird hawk moth at the valerian near the canteen (Mark Ward)
Thursday, 28th September
  • Buzzard over the garden (Mark Ward)
  • Buzzard soaring over Avocet at lunchtime (IKD, DFD)
Wednesday, 27th September
  • I've been enjoying a hobby feasting on migrant hawkers outside my window today, joined by a second this afternoon. (Mark Ward)
  • 13.30: Excellent views of long grass snake (50cm) on the edge of the swimming pool: swam, stopped on top of a couple of lily pads, swam towards a group of unaware fish happily swimming half mouth above waterline, quite funny to see them getting scared, after being quite slow at detecting the snake swimming among them. Snake show ended when it disappeared into the floating vegetation areas. (Aniol E./ Ken P)
Tuesday, 26th September
  • Two groups of swallows (c20 birds in each) flew south-west, viewed from our window this am (I also saw a large flock of c80 moving in the same direction over Sandy as I drove home last night, so clearly a bit of a surge at the moment).
  • Buzzards putting on a splendid display outside as well today with up to seven together (all juveniles). (Mark Ward and Ellen Collier)
  • 12:10pm. Four buzzards showing well as a group over the house. Varying sizes so possibly some juveniles amongst them. Another seen very low over the grassland at front of the house later in the afternoon. (Carl Simms and Simon Marsh)
  • There were 3 buzzards calling, displaying and generally showing off over the forested area beyond the meadow this morning. (Ian Hayward)
  • Kingfisher using perches both ends of swimming pool early am (Val Tingey)
Monday, 25th September
  • The rain seems to have triggered something in the birds of the Lodge. This morning flying between the Oaks in the Quarry I heard and saw at least 8 Jays, I thought it quite unusual to see quite so many together in full view. Early afternoon I passed by the hide and was lucky enough to see a juvenile sparrowhawk in hot pursuit of a pair of grey wagtails... the wagtails managed to avoid capture much to the annoyance of the hawk. (Ian Hayward)

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