Friday, 8 September 2006

Bird news

Friday, 8th September
  • Probable Bank Vole in undergrowth near hide. (Nigel Willits)
  • Plenty of Commas on the buddleia and Verbena; 2 Small Coppers (IKD, DFD; Sally Webber)
Thursday, 7th September
  • Family party of spotted flycatchers (2 adults, at least 3 fledglings, still begging for food) on the bridleway & 2 hummingbird hawkmoths on lavender at the Gatehouse (Neil Renwick)
  • Rhododendron leafhoppers on the increase: 500++ in gardens yesterday on a variety of bushes, not just Rhododendrons (lesser burdock particularly favoured). Looks like the 'Rhododendron bud blast' disease that they allegedly spread is also present. Nice little patch of thorn-apples flowering by the webcam bird table (allegedly one of the most poisonous plants on the planet and a widely abused hallucinogen !). (Dave Buckingham)
  • 3 buzzards from my window early am. The usual butterfly transect at the back of the house at lunch with Katie Fuller produced 6 commas again, 12+ red admirals and 2 small coppers. (Mark Ward)
  • At least two, probably three spotted flycatchers near the trail below the garden at 1320hrs (Dave Buckingham & Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Male Southern Hawker & single Common Bluetail on fish pond. (Nigel Willits)
  • Stoat at back of garden near pergola @1250 (IKD, DFD)
  • A garden warbler in sub-song by the gate at the bottom of the Quarry at 1250hrs (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Red Admiral Butterfly on the Valerian plant outside Central Services (Margaret Walton)
  • Two common buzzards again drifted high over to the east, calling at 1040hrs. A Lodge rarity in a collared dove perched in pines in Avocet carpark (Darren Oakley-Martin)
Wednesday, 6th September
  • 2.30pm 6 Commas on the buddleia at the back of the House (Sally Webber)
  • Hummingbird Hawk-moth and Hornet on Buddleia by HR (DFD)
  • Following one recently, another (flightless) female Vapourer moth with eggs on a Sycamore trunk. The infamous Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner, a micro-moth first recorded in the UK in 2002, has reached the Lodge, with small numbers of mines in evidence on Horse Chestnut by drive. (IKD, DFD)
  • A buzzard 'buzzed' by a hobby (seen through the pines on top of the plateau) from my window this afternoon and a second hobby circling high in the sky at around the same time. A rise in comma numbers at lunchtime today: now 6, with an even split between the buddleias at the back of the house and the memorial garden. Also a number of hornets in evidence on/around the buddleias. (Mark Ward)
  • 2 Common Blue damsels on fish pond. (Nigel Willits)
  • Adult hobby over the Quarry at 1040hrs and again, it or another hawking insects over the Meadow at 1515hrs. Two common buzzards, including one juvenile, over the Ivel Valley at 1040hrs (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Common tern(s) heard calling over the Quarry at 1045hrs (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Marsh tit in amongst mixed tit flock along southern boundary and just two swallows remain around the paddocks (Stratford Road) at 1300hrs. There seems to be an increased amount of robin song around the reserve today (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Derek Niemann came across to tell us he had heard and seen two Ravens on the south side of the Avocet Building c12.15 today and five minutes later, I picked them up soaring around high from my window. They showed nicely against the blue sky to the Web Team (and Mark Thomas, who called me having also picked them up) for a few minutes before dropping to the west. (Mark Ward)
Tuesday, 5th September
  • Hobby over The Plateau at 1530hrs and four swallows over SE (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Two Hobbies together drifting gradually east over the Avocet Building and lawn this afternoon. Butterflies at lunch at the back of the house included 3 commas, 10 red admirals and a small tortoiseshell. Also a large, fresh-looking hummingbird hawk moth nectaring from low flowers at the back of the house. (Mark Ward)
  • Young Grass snake, perhaps 5" long under Miss Flashman's bench, Quarry trail, 13:30. (Andrew Hay)
  • Probable Giant Wood Wasp (female) attempting entry to our office, Avocet building. 13:00 (Andrew Hay)
  • Juvenile and adult male sparrowhawk over the Quarry at 1030hrs (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Juvenile common buzzard over the Quarry at 0845hrs (Darren Oakley-Martin)
Monday, 4th September
  • Four Hobbies over gardens in afternoon (Mike Clarke)
  • Hobby over the Plateau at 1540hrs (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Hobby from my window again in afternoon. (Mark Ward)
  • Presume same Volucella zonaria as on Friday on the buddleia south of the swimming pool at lunchtime. Also 3 commas around, c12 red admirals and a small tortoiseshell. (Mark Ward)
  • Common whitethroat along Stratford Road at 1255hrs (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • A hobby from my window at 12.24, which performed a spectacular peregrine-esque stoop. (Mark Ward)
Friday, 1st September
  • 15:45 - Large grass snake by the side of the Gardeners compost heap, slithering away into one of the wood piles. Quite impressive size compared to the ones I've seen previously. (Carl Simms)
  • Two really vivid commas on the buddleia at the back of the house (Sally Webber)

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