Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Sandy Heath Quarry

A member of staff had a probable male Montagu's harrier over the Meadow at work this morning at 8:45. It must have flown over our heads as Katie and I drove along the drive this morning.

After a meeting, and reading Richard's email to this effect, I found a dark corner, put my head on my knees, and wept like a baby.

Then the two of us dried our eyes and went east to Sandy Heath Quarry during our lunch break 'on the off chance.' No joy with any harriers but a seriously impressive flock of thrushes- 35 mistle and six song thrushes foraging in the grazed area.

Not bad at all. But as each bird flew up into a tree as they became aware of our presence, we couldn't help but think ''be a wryneck, please be a wryneck.''

Then a tree pipit flew over calling, which we couldn't quite place at the time!

Lodge tick and Katie seriously gripped!

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