Friday, 27 October 2006

Bird news

Friday, 27th October
  • Two fieldfares SW over Avocet carpark at 1335hrs. (Katie Fuller & Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • A single Painted Lady at 1220 on the flower border behind the House (JOS)
  • A Green Sandpiper high over Osprey, calling loudly, at 0830 this morning (JOS).
Thursday, 26th October
  • Three redpolls over Osprey carpark at 0850hrs. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Good movement of Redwings going on early this morning: c70 over central Cambridge; c50 near Wrestlingworth; 80+ over Potton/Deepdale (mostly heading west); c80 over the Lodge (mostly heading west)(Ben Stafford)
Wednesday, 25th October
  • Noisy mixed flock of ca 400 Jackdaws and 100 Rooks low over meadow and house @1750, presumably on way to a local roost (IKD, DFD)
  • I saw a group of Collared Earthstars along the drive today, almost where they were four years ago, but on the opposite side of the road. (Mark Gurney)
  • 12.45 pm flock of redwings (up to 20?) briefly glimpsed flying and calling over Osprey. (Simon Marsh)
  • Kingfisher by swimming pool in morning (Lynn Giddings)
  • Kingfisher on the swimming pool at 1120hrs. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
Tuesday, 24th October
  • Saw a peregrine at lunchtime just outside of reserve over path towards Biggleswade Common (Richard Winspear)
Monday, 23rd October
  • Heard Lesser Redpoll, Grey Wagtail and Skylark calling as they flew over the meadow (Katie Fuller)
Friday, 20th October
  • A Clouded Yellow flew across the path at the far end of the heath, lunchtime (Chris Bowden & Mark Boyd)
Thursday, 19th October
  • Brimstone on flowers outside backdoor to the house (Phil Burfield)
  • Grey Wagtail at fish pond c.14.15; Common Darters at hide pond & east of garden, where also Red Admirals. (Nigel Willits)
Wednesday, 18th October
  • 2 Grass Snakes swimming in Jack's Pond - one very large, well over 1 metre - one quite small c.50cms. (Nigel Willits)
Tuesday, 17th October
  • Grey Shoulder-knot on Osprey north wall (Nigel Willits)
Monday, 16th October
  • male Brimstone butterfly in gardens; Merveille du Jour & Green-brindled Crescent moths on Snipe north wall. (Nigel Willits)
Friday, 13th October
  • Yellow Stagshorn fungus east of Jack's Pond. (Nigel Willits)

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