Thursday, 2 November 2006

Bird news

Thursday, 2nd November
  • Holly Blue (same female) still flying around Wisteria by House Meeting Room. Also 4 Red Admirals, 2 Commas, 2 Peacocks, 7 Common Darters; and Grey Wagtail heard calling (IKD, DFD)
  • Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail at Swimming Pool at lunchtime (Katie Fuller)
  • Kingfisher on swimming pool at east end on post. Flew off towards hide at 12.50 (Judith Emmerson)
  • c50 Fieldfares west over the plateau from my window early am.
  • Despite the first overnight frost, still 4 species of butterfly at large around the borders: holly blue, comma, red admiral and peacock. Also a couple of common darters still and a grey wagtail commuting between the Swimming Pool, the top of the House and the Memorial Garden. (Mark Ward)
Wednesday, 1st November
  • Kingfisher fishing (successfully) in swimming pool, 1540 on, for at least 20 minutes (Aniol Esteban et al.)
  • Red Admiral still in Courtyard by canteen at 1350. Peacock on wall of library by terrace. (Got photos!) Common Darter near there and another by entrance to hide. Green Sandpiper on 2nd pool from hide. (Trish Clegg)
  • Approx 100 Fieldfare west over the heath, Wednesday @ 13:30. Also Mistle Thrush over the meadow. (Kat Balaam/Jamie Wells)
  • Lunchtime: 7 Red Admirals, 3 Commas, 2 Peacocks and a female Holly Blue, all in Memorial Garden or along south side of House. The Holly Blue (presumed same as Martin saw yesterday) landed on Debra’s leg and sat there for the best part of five minutes, before flying off over main border!
  • Also 9 Common Darters sunning themselves on walls (IKD, DFD, Martin Davies)
  • Good arrival of Fieldfares with the switch to northerly winds today. An impressive flock of 300+ swept low west/north-west over the canteen at 11.25 this morning and another c80 in the same direction over the meadow soon after.
  • Green Sandpiper on the Natterjack Pool late am.
  • Peacock, 6+ Red Admirals and several Common Darters still at large this am. (Mark Ward)
  • Red Admiral in courtyard in morning sun (Trish Clegg)
Tuesday, 31st October
  • Migrant hawker outside my window. 2 Buzzards from my window. (Mark Ward)
  • Female Holly Blue on ivy in Memorial Garden; also 6 Red Admirals, Painted Lady, Comma and 2 Peacocks (Martin Davies)
Monday, 30th October
  • Great sighting this afternoon, Sparrowhawk being mobbed by mixed flock of small birds, most aggressive were the fieldfares, along the osprey car park and dived into the quarry seeking cover. (Ian Hayward)
Sunday, 29th October
  • Green sandpiper at the hide pools again, red admirals in several places, 8 buzzards over the heath. (Neil Renwick)
Saturday, 28th October
  • Green sandpiper at the hide pools and a redwing in the ringers' nets to entertain Feed The Birds Day visitors, plus a male goldcrest that had been ringed at The Lodge in December 2005. (Neil Renwick)
Friday, 27th October
  • 29 sheep sent back to Minsmere, 6 staying on the reserve for the winter. (Neil Renwick)
  • Saw a Red Admiral in the Courtyard mid morning today. (Trish Clegg)

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