Monday, 15 January 2007


I always get a buzz of anticipation when sifting through finch flocks, in much the same way as many of you do with gulls, no doubt. I don't find much - at least not in Bedfordshire - save for the odd lesser redpoll or brambling, but the buzz persists nevertheless.

Today in the paddocks on Stratford Road, the marvellous sight of 53 goldfinches feeding under the birches. In amongst them, six lesser redpolls. I don't usually take the 'scope out on the reserve, but I'm glad I did today so I could satisfy myself that they were all just cabaret.

New birds today:

51: Feral Pigeon
52: Kestrel
53: Goldfinch

I wonder if Mr Sharrock's Goldeneye at Warren Villas is viewable from the Plateau?

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