Monday, 22 January 2007

Putative Pallas' Warbler

We may have added a new bird to The Lodge avifauna on Friday. One of the girls in the shop reported this:

"a very small (goldcrest sized) bird disappear into the yew hedge by the path to the gatehouse shop at about 9.00 this morning with a very square-cut yellowish-white rump as it flared its tail before landing, just like the Pallas' warbler I saw at Lowestoft last year."

I spent five hours searching on Friday and again on Saturday to no avail, but she is going to submit the record! Extraordinary!

I did manage to find a female stonechat in the field opposite the entrance to the reserve and also a male blackcap, so new recent additions to the 2007 Lodge yearlist:

59 Stonechat 19-Jan
58 Blackcap 19-Jan
57 Grey Wagtail 17-Jan
56 Common Gull 16-Jan
55 Tufted Duck 16-Jan
54 Lesser Black-backed Gull 15-Jan

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