Friday, 2 March 2007

Bird news

Friday, 2nd March
  • We've had a regular pair of buzzards displaying outside the windows every day this week, joined by an intruder this morning for a time. (Mark Ward)
  • Sparrowhawk soaring high over the Stable Block at 2pm. (Grahame Madge)
  • Two buzzards over the Lodge at lunchtime. (Grahame Madge)
  • 1 Red Admiral in woods at lunchtime (IKD, DFD)
  • 2 red admirals on the blossom at the corner of the garden behind the house and a doe and fawn muntjac grazing just outside the gardens (Ian Hayward)
  • Tawny Owl on a fence post by the side of the drive at 8.45 this morning. (Frank James)
Thursday, 1st March
  • A muntjac crossed the drive in front of my car at 5:55pm - looked like a female (Adam Bassett)
  • Flocks of fieldfares on Sandy Heath, redwings and chaffinches in the tree nursery. There were a few bramblings with the chaffinches, but birds were frequently disturbed by vehicles moving through the nursery. (Neil Renwick)
Wednesday, 28th February
  • Buzzard flying over pylons at 2pm, also red admiral flying by Jacks pond, lots of newt and water boatman activity and a seven spot ladybird on the rhododendron in the gardens (Ian Hayward)
  • Two Red Admirals by the entrance to the Memorial Garden (Trish Clegg)
  • Red Admiral by Pieris in gardens at lunchtime – at same time as the two above, so at least three (maybe four or five) on the wing today (IKD, DFD)
  • Red Admiral butterfly in the courtyard by the 'doll's house'. My third butterfly species for the year before the end of February. (Grahame Madge)
  • It's worth looking up to the chimneys over the House, where jackdaws are holding territorial disputes. As we watched, one bird adopted the 'elaborate full forward' display, leaning steeply forwards with head bowed, its feathers ruffled and its tail fanned out. According to corvid expert Lorenz, this type of display is only seen in arguments over nest sites or females. Jackdaws are vulnerable to nest predation by bigger corvids, so every narrow chimney pot is worth fighting over. (Derek & Sarah Niemann)
Monday, 26th February
  • Stoat across the drive this morning (Mike Clarke)
  • 2 Buff-tailed Bumblebees on the Pieris bushes and a Red Admiral (a rather tatty one) sunning on the Mahonia by the Memorial Garden. (Martin Davies)
Friday, 23rd February
  • Early moth at Osprey porch; 2 Smooth Newt swimming in hide pond (Nigel Willits)
  • Red Admiral at Lodge (by path near memorial garden) (Euan Dunn)
Wednesday, 21st February
  • Buff-tailed and White-tailed Bumblebees nectaring on the flower borders in the gardens. At least 3 Smooth Newts in Jack's Pond (and again on Monday 26th) (Martin Davies)

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