Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Bird news

Wednesday, 25th April
  • Cuckoo calling at bottom of heath (Lynn Giddings)
  • Nightingale, Cuckoo, garden & willow warblers, blackcaps & chiffies - a lunchtime symphony along the path to Biggleswade Common; also stoat, muntjac & speckled wood. (Nigel Willits)
  • Lunchtime - Nightingale singing intermittently in the bushes between the reserve and Biggleswade Common. Cuckoo calling nearby at the same time. (Carl Simms)
  • Quite a productive lunchtime walk today - big grass snake in the Azalea Walk, male muntjac, singing nightingale and several blackcaps near the brook, green woodpecker feeding in grass by the railway line, cuckoo in full view by the long pond near the railway line, large stoat running up the paddock with the brown sheep in it, and buzzard soaring at the east end of the heath (Peter Newbery)
  • Heron spotted flying quite low over the house in the direction of the swimming pool (don't know if it landed) at 0845 (Julie Sutton)
Tuesday, 24th April
  • Pair of Swallows over quarry; Pale Oak Beauty & Brimstone moth on Osprey walls. (Nigel Willits)
Monday, 23rd April
  • Cuckoo flying over the fuel depot on Potton Road towards the Lodge, 17:25. (Phil Burfield)
  • Cockchafer & 2 Lesser Swallow Prominents in Osprey porch. (Nigel Willits)
Sunday, 22nd April
  • Biked up to the Lodge very early Sunday morning. The Nightingale between the Common and the Lodge gate was singing and showing very well close to the path. Thought I heard another respond further along the wood (Steve Rooke)
Saturday, 21st April
  • During the morning we saw 2 common buzzards over the main building, and then at lunch I saw 2 flying north very high and a third hunting beyond the clearing, i.e. at least 3 including 2 migrants, and possibly 5.
  • Wheatear in the quarry, cuckoo along southern boundary of The Lodge heath (Neil Renwick)
Friday, 20th April
  • Morning survey in Sandy Heath Quarry - a common whitethroat, and a flock of 20 lesser redpolls heading north (Neil Renwick)
Thursday, 19th April
  • 9 House Martins over the Osprey Building at 5.30. (Martin Davies)8 House Martins over the new car park @ 17:20, but no sign of Pied Fly between the heath and Biggleswade Common from 17:30-18:05 (and more annoyingly, I didn't see the Ring Ouzel that Nigel Willits saw just after I'd left!). (Jamie Wells)
  • Ring Ouzel east of path to Biggleswade Common; Small Copper east of garden. (Nigel Willits)
Wednesday, 18th April
  • Teneral Large Red Damselfly & Speckled Wood on path to Biggleswade Common. (Nigel Willits)

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