Friday, 1 June 2007

Bird news

Friday, 1st June
  • Male emperor patrolling the swimming pool at lunchtime today. Also 3 four-spotted chasers, 3 large red damsels (one pair in tandem) and several red-eyed damsels (Mark Ward and Lucinda King)
  • A family of four stoats set off across the meadow at the bottom of the reserve on a hunting party. They ran along the fence line and three green woodpeckers sitting on consecutive fenceposts watched their progress. Curiosity got the better of one bird and it landed on the ground to get a better look. One of the stoats ran up to it, whereupon it lifted off. A couple of minutes later, after chasing a rabbit in vain, one of the stoats ran back towards us, through the brambles and raced past only fifteen feet away from us into the reserve. (Sarah & Derek Niemann, joined by runners Martin Harper and Sacha Cleminson)
  • Spotted flycatcher singing strongly from traditional spot in the big limes behind Transport Thursday and Friday. (Mark Ward)
Thursday, 31st May
  • Red Admiral & a couple of Common Blue Damsels on the wing in the garden between showers (Nigel Willits)
Wednesday, 30th May
  • Noisy brood of great spotted woodpeckers calling from nest hole by path below the garden Wednesday lunchtime with a family of treecreepers in the same area. (Mark Ward, Ellen Collier, Katie Fuller, Lucinda King)
  • c.60 swifts east over the plateau between 13:00-13:20. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Single shelduck over the quarry at 10:50. (Darren Oakley-Martin)
  • Spotted Flycatcher in ornamental crab apple outside library @0945 (IKD)

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